About Me

 Artist Statement: 

 My paintings explore bright and colorful celebration of life along with floral and natural beauty. I like to create Happy Paintings because for me painting is a meditation and meditation is a key to happiness. I work on multiple layers of colours.

Artist Bio – 

Dipali Deshpande is an emerging artist from Delhi/NCR (India). She was born in 1979 in a small village in Maharashtra. Presently she lives with her family in Gurgaon.

 Dipali’s works include floral, landscapes, figurative, folk art (Warali), abstracts, religious, portraits and many more. She works in different mediums like oil and water. Most of her works reflects the floral beauty or the beauty of nature. Also, as She hails from Maharashtra, creating ‘WARALI’ art makes her feel at home.

Dipali has exhibited her works at different places like

‘Expresstionist’, group 21’st women’s special exhibition, Lokyata Art Gallery, New Delhi, April 2017

‘Black and white’ International black and white exhibition of drawings and prints, Kullu, India April2017

‘Group 21’s 7th group show at ‘Gandhi Art Gallery’, New Delhi. March 2017

‘Group 21’s 6th group show at Museum of Fine Arts, Panjab University, Chandigarh’,

February 2017

‘Prayaas- Hindu Spirutial Art Fair, Gurgaon’. February 2017

‘STREE15’ at Art Mall, New Delhi, March 2015

‘Flora’ group exhibition on floral theme at Tulip Art Gallery, Pune. January 2014

and participated in art exhibition organized by Queenstown Community Center, Singapore. April 2013

Also she is hopeful for the upcoming exhibitions. 

Dipali is a self-taught Indian artist. She studied Engineering but painting is always been her passion. She worked in a corporate sector for few years but her real joy was hiding in colors. Painting is her passion. 

She decided to convert her passion into profession. Her works are getting appreciation in different art groups. She has sold artworks, art prints and images of her artworks. She is absolutely committed to her work and she also knows there is lot to learn.


About Me